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In my inner space, memory and history are fundamental for the understanding of the world, to know where to go, to create something new.

I live architecture in a visceral and intellectual way where space is emotional and sustainable.
My architecture is pure space and not decorum.

Architecture is an interaction I perceive as an expression that can go beyond the obvious repetition of clichés, respect for the city, the urban lay-out, the well-done buildings, and must be the expression of the true value of Architecture.

The architect must design for the present with the knowledge of the past and excitement for the future. Very often architecture or rather “non-Architecture” is the realm of a neutral gender, devoid of opinion … and therefore of value.
 Architecture is “confrontation”.
 Human intellect takes a position.

Emotion comes before the form. The design effort should be expressed through the ability to move, to live, with the knowledge that we are part of a greater cosmic event.

Architecture as art of communication: the expressiveness is not dumb, it communicates, perhaps disturbing  but it expresses. Neutral Architecture is not Architecture because it is emotion even in contexts of high environmental quality. Architecture is “prodigy” and it is a language devoid of pragmatic rules.

Architecture as a political act: I live Architecture as an experience not to be set aside from the improbable as I love the belief that everything built by humans can be improved. I believe in the future Architecture to be part of the social space.

“Architecture as a cathartic feeling that future can be better.”