Personality 1

A new laboratory of ideas.The new headquarters, via Tofana 13.

Personality 2

Me and my team.

Personality 3

Architecture as ecstatic feeling that future can be better.

Personality 4

The expressiveness is not dumb, communicates, perhaps disturbing, but you have to know how to express it.

Personality 5

Pencil on paper.

Personality 6


Personality 7

The comparison.

Personality 8

Thoughts in the night.

Personality 9

In my old studio.

Personality 10

The emotions before form.

Personality 11

Backstage of thoughts.

Personality 12

The first great experience. China International Exhibition of Architecture.

Personality 13

Live with the knowledge that we are part of a great cosmic event.

Personality 14

Reflections of design. Salone del Mobile, Milan.

Personality 15

Thoughts lit.

Personality 16

Drawing with light.

Personality 17

Projects light.

Personality 18

Going beyond.

Personality 19

Prototype in the workshop.

Personality 20

Consciousness of matter.

Personality 21

One of my weaknesses.

Personality 22

Personality 23

Always late.